At a very young age, doodling and making my impression in art started with drawing tiny flowers and smiley faces on the tablecloth. Growing, my doodles and my artistic sense metamorphosed into a need and want of influencing others the way dance has influenced me. I found a way to transform my simple doodles into movement, then found a way to transform my masterpieces into dance works. Currently I am an artist, dancer, choreographer and explorer. In the future I see myself becoming an artist, dancer, choreographer, explorer, inspirer, teacher and legacy. I dance to bring art, color, and love into a dull and dark environment. Dance makes me feel enlightened, courageous, and beautiful. I strive for the audience and viewers of my art to feel the same as I. This is why I dance, from doodles on the tablecloth, to others trapped in the dark.




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